Tuesday, 30 October 2012


We are a bit late with this post. You must forgive us but we have been too busy scoffing our wonderful batch of potatoes so haven't got round to telling you all about them. Now, it's a big claim, as here at Vialii we are partial to a potato, in whatever shape or form. Fry them or bake them, boiled or roasted, add them to soups or salads, you cook it, we'll eat it. But this year's Maris Peer potato harvest is probably our favourite yet...

Things weren't looking promising in our veg patch earlier this year. Like many, our potatoes were hit by blight. We quickly took action to save what we could. We cut down all the foliage and burnt it then left the potatoes in the ground until we were ready to dig deep to see what beheld us.

After last year's wire worm disaster we weren't too hopeful.

However, we were rewarded with the tastiest potato we have ever come across and a reasonable amount for the tiny space we planted. A waxy texture, they are perfect for boiling. To be honest, they taste soooo good boiled we haven't even tried them any other way. They boil perfectly in 20mins and hold their shape really well. We will definitely be planting the same again next year and hope they taste as good.

Right, all this talk of potatoes is making us hungry - mince and tatties anyone?

The Burts

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