Saturday, 26 January 2013

5 Apps that help me run a gardening business

I'm a bit of an early adopter when it comes to techstuff. Not everything I try is useful or even enjoyable but there are a few apps that now serve me well and I now regard as indispensable.

Here's my top 5 list of apps that help me run two gardening businesses.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy Birthday to us...

Vialii Garden Services turns 7 years this month. That's 84 in gardener's years. 

image courtesy of Wikipedia

Back in January 2006 after leaving a career as a civil/ structural engineer Vialii Garden Services previous iteration, Wee County Gardening1, was born. 

Gardening with kids

Alongside this blog and our garden design blog I also write about my experiences of fatherhood over on my Daddysnash page. I stumbled upon a website today that interests both the gardener in me as well as the dad.

Little Green Fingers details lots of fun projects that you can do, in the garden and out and about, with the kids with the above topical cracker being a particular highlight. Snow lanterns! Simple, fun and beautiful.

There are many other projects to be tackled too so when you have a moment why don't you pop over and pay them a visit.

Speak soon,


Saturday, 12 January 2013

January Lawncare

Some lawn care jobs you can do this January if the weather allows: 


Repair and re-shape lawn edges. It’s a good time to re-establish the shape of your lawn. Take a note of any areas where herbaceous plants are starting to encroach and reshape the lawn accordingly. If the lawn cannot be re-aligned then move the offending plant.


Give the grass a treatment of Iron Sulphate to treat any moss and to green up the sward.


If wormcasts are a problem then there are worm-friendly treatments out there that can help. Get in touch if you need any more information.


Rake up the last of any leaves and twigs that have settled on the lawn. Your grass won’t enjoy having a blanket of leaves on it all winter. If conditions have been mild you could perhaps give the grass a pass of the mower to cut the grass and collect any leaves.