Monday, 9 September 2013

Funny Pets in the Garden - Part 1

Hi, Lulu here. You all know that I love gardening but did you know that I love animals too? And best of all I love animals in gardens! Especially when they are doing funny things. Here are a few of my favourite pictures taken when we have been out in clients' gardens or friends' pets doing funny things in the garden...

Too obvious?!

Above is a photo of a client's cat, lying waiting for an unsuspecting birdy to come along. I think he maybe needs to find a better hiding place though!

Below is Auntie Hazel's auntie's cat, Bouffy. A bit better hiding place I think but she has been rumbled none the less!:
Bouffy The Bird Slayer!

This photograph is also from Auntie Hazel and is a photo of her lovely dogs Gabi and Zara. They are at the park and have found a "stick" to play fetch with!:

Gabi & Zara show good team work
bringing their "stick" home

This is one of Auntie Angi and Uncle Alex's dogs - Alfie. Alfie is watching whilst they are packing the car ready to go on holiday. I think he is desperate to go on holiday too, don't you? Remember your bucket and spade Alfie!:
Hurry up Mummy, Alfie says, I
can't wait to go on holiday!

Here we have our next door neighbour Auntie Muriel's cat (1) Leo. He loves chilling in the garden in his makeshift hammock, aka the fruit cage netting! We took this photo while we were busy helping Auntie Muriel pick her plums.

Leo finds a comfy "hammock" in the sun

If you have funny photos of animals in your garden please email them to me, I would love to see them and share them on my blog. To read Part 2 of "Funny Pets in the Garden" click here.

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx

1. I am very lucky and have 3 cats. They are:

Jingles - our latest cat who gives good cuddles!

Bungle - he is a scaredy cat (he hides behind the
sofa a lot) and is a "Munchkin" but is very, very cute! 

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