Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lulu's Garden Review - Logan Botanic Garden

Hello everyone. It's been hard work writing these blogs - it takes lots of research and practical work you know! So, after a few of my winning smiles I persuaded M& D that I needed a holiday! We are lucky that my Grandma & Grandpa have a cottage on the West Coast of Scotland we can use so we packed our bags and headed off for a few days of "rest"!

Tree ferns are one of the main
features of Logan Botanic Garden

We did lots of fun things on holiday including going to the Heads of Ayr Farm Park (1) with my BFF Euan and we also went to Portpatrick (2). One of the things we like to do on holiday is visit nice gardens. In this part of the country we are spoilt for choice - from the grandeur of Culzean to the relaxing haven of Glenwhan there is something to suit everyone. My personal favourite is Logan Botanic Garden which is south of Stranraer. It is filled with lots of beautiful things to see. I know you are busy people so instead of boring you with lots of plant names and the history (I'll leave that for M&D to do!) I have decided to tell you my story of Logan in some lovely photos...

Daddy & Me at the entrance. Isn't this
a cool pot and it has been planted up lovely!

A lot of the plants at Logan are exotic.
These aeoniums look almost alien!

More exotics - this time lots of Cannas in full flower.
The mild temperatures at Logan make exotic planting possible.

There are some lovely stones at Logan, from these big
boulders to some local stone sculptures. 

Wow - what a lovely long path round the Walled Garden to
explore. This part is packed with all sorts of pretty flowers. 

As well as paths there are lots of grassy areas to run
around and explore the pretty "islands" of plants. 

Look up there! The chusan palms get huuuuuge!

More exotics - here I am with Hedychium spicatum

It's not just the Cannas that are big. These
Rodgersia leaves make my hand look teeny!

Tree ferns take a while to grow big (unlike me) -
here lots have been planted out for the future.

"The Potting Shed" - another favourite of mine!

I love trees. And there are some wonderful types in
Logan. Here I am looking at a big old Eucalyptus

Hmmm, I wonder why the common name
for Kniphofia is Red Hot Pokers? 

September is a great time to see the
Agapanthus border in full bloom

Mummy is looking for the carp in the pond. Little does
she know I have already caught them for my tea ;)

An algae shadowed hello from The Family Burt!

I love the old mill stones. They are huuuugggee too!

It felt like I was in Jurassic Park and I was an
interpid explorer as I headed off through the tree ferns

Sometimes it's nice to relax and take in the surroundings.

A fish - I must have missed this one!

Forget tree ferns and mill-stones, Gunnera,
now that is proper mahoosive!

"Bug"ingham Palace - haha!

I love sniffing flowers and the mopheads on these
Hydrangeas were spectacular

I had lots of fun at Logan Botanic Garden.
I hope you get chance to visit too. 

If you have been to visit a garden that was really nice I would love to hear about it and maybe one day I could go there too. 

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx

1. Head of Ayr Farm Park is a wonderful day out for the family. It has lots of animals to see as well as fun things to play on, both indoors and out. It's also close to the Electric Brae which is weird!

2. Portpatrick is a pretty harbour village south of Stranraer. We love the putting green there. On this visit M&D got three holes in one between them but I can't possibly say who got the most...