Monday, 11 November 2013

Hurrah for The Helix!

If you are a regular reader you will know that I like to take M&D out on visits to gardens and outdoor attractions. This weekend we visited The Helix which is very close to where we live. The Helix is more than just a park. A large area around Falkirk and Grangemouth in Central Scotland has been transformed and there are many more exciting plans going forward. As usual we have taken lots of photographs so we can share how wonderful this place is and tell you a bit about our visit...

The Kelpies
As you enter The Helix from the car park you can head towards the Park or take a path leading North and towards The Kelpies. We headed North:   
Heading North on our adventure 

The boardwalks have been cleverly designed to lead you through The Helix. There are no horrible railings so you need to be careful not to fall in but it does make it look a lot prettier and you do feel like you are walking (or being wheeled!) through the reeds. The boardwalk twists and turns and makes you want to explore what's around the corner:
Off to explore through the reeds

The reeds were already there so two very skilled men built the entire boardwalk by hand, to minimise disturbance and protect the environment:
Admiring the reeds

Back in the Park, this curving wall has been made from gabion baskets filled with large stones and bricks. I think it looks brilliant!:
Inspecting the wall

In the heart of the Park you will find the Great Lawn. Here there will be lots of wonderful events taking place that you come along and enjoy:
The Great Lawn will have great events!

The pond (or Lagoon) is a wonderful feature of the park and there will be lots of fun water sports taking place here in the future. For now it's a lovely area to walk around. Beside here is the splash zone and in warmer weather you can run around in the jets of water!:
Brrr, a bit chilly for a dip I think!

This funky building is a cafe! It will be lovely in the summer when it opens out onto the water:
Ice-cream please!

Around the pond there are very cool benches like these ones:

This bench is made of rocks in
gabion baskets with a stone top
This bench looks like charred timbers
but is a resin compound which is long
lasting and low maintenance

The Helix is already a wonderful place to visit but look, there is loads more to come in 2014 including a Kelpies visitor centre, adventure playground, lagoon activities, events and lots more:
Some of the many things planned for The Helix
The Helix is a wonderful place to go for a walk, ride your bike, go rollerblading with your dog (yes we saw that here!) or just relax with an ice-cream and speak to the ducks ;)
Mummy and I went for a walk round The Park

Great thought has been put into every aspect of The Helix. The Great Lawn has been edged in metal grid over large stones. I liked walking along it. 
The grids were fun to walk on.

Even the lights are well thought through and are impressive features in themselves:
The light towers will shine on The Great Lawn

The Kelpies are a big draw and tempt you from the car park in the distance:
Ooh, The Kelpies, let's go explore...

Nature and biodiversity are an important focus for The Helix. On our journey to The Kelpies we met these guys at the Canal:
A lovely day for a swim (if you're a swan)

As you come round the bend in the canal, you get a closer view of The Kelpies:
The Kelpies look amazing!

The Kelpies were designed by Andy Scott who also designed the Heavy Horse on the M8:
This would be one big rocking horse!

The Kelpies are the largest equine sculpture in the world at an impressive 30 metres above the canal:
The sunny calm day meant The Kelpies
reflected beautifully in the water

The Kelpies can be easily seen from the M9 motorways which passes directly by them:
A prime position to moor your boat.

Now I'm only little but these horses dwarf everyone!:
Muuuumm, can I have one?!

 A nearby lock controls the water levels on the canal:
I've found the lock but where is the key?
We really love The Helix and The Kelpies already and can't wait to watch as the area develops, expands and matures over the coming years as well as taking part in the local events. It's a wonderful example of different bodies working together to create something special for the community and I hope more local authorities take inspiration from The Helix. 

For more information visit The Helix.

Hugs & kisses, 

Lulu xx

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