Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lulu's 2014 Resolution...

Happy new year to all my lovely readers. It's the time of year when we are making our resolutions for the year ahead and this year I resolve to spend as much time as possible outdoors. It will come as no surprise to you to hear that getting outdoors is good for you, whether you are young (like me) or old (like M&D!) But just in case you need some convincing, here are some great reasons why you too should make "getting outdoors" your new year's resolution for 2014...

Head outdoors - there is lots to see!

Fit for Free
Getting outdoors is a great way of getting exercise. You don't need to be running marathons (like crazy Auntie Alison!). Just going for a walk in the park, doing some gardening or riding your bike is a fun way of getting fit and getting some fresh air. Plus it's free so no expensive gym memberships required!

Phew, sometimes I need a
lie down after all that running about!
D is for Delightful
Getting outside is an important way of getting Vitamin D. We are always being told that we need to take vitamins but if we can get as much as possible direct from sunlight then that's got to be a good thing. It doesn't have to be a gloriously sunny day to get Vitamin D (good job seeing as we live in Scotland!), just getting outside helps.

Eating outdoors is fun and a great
way of soaking up some extra vitamin D

My eye sight must be good - I have
two extra eyes on top of my head!
Good Health to You
Getting outside is good for our general health. Spending time in our gardens and green spaces can reduce breathing problems such as asthma, being active can reduce obesity and it has even been shown to improve eye sight! Even in cold weather, wrap up well and head outside.

If You're Happy And You Know It...
This is one of my favourite reasons - spending time outdoors simply makes you happy! I love being outside. It immediately improves your mood, brushes away the cobwebs and makes you happier. It's especially nice just now, when it is often dark and wintry, to take advantage of a nice day and get out into the garden. Seeing plants coming to life and bulbs bursting through brings hope for the future and sunny days ahead. Plus its fun to pull the toys out of the garden shed and have a play ;)

Being outdoors is FUN!

Every Day's A School Day
One of the great things about heading outside is there is always something new to learn and see. Whether it's seeing a new plant coming into flower or discovering a new bug in the garden it's a great way to learn about the environment and care for our wildlife. It's much more fun to get outside and get mucky than sit indoors reading about nature in a book and it helps us understand it much better. 

Daddy is great at teaching about the outdoors

Social Club
Spending time outdoors is a great way to be sociable. When I go to the park I love seeing my friends and playing with them. Sometimes we arrange to meet other friends in lovely outdoor places such as Palacerigg Country Park where we can go exploring and run around or have a day at the beach. Even if we are just staying at home and playing in the garden we always see neighbours and have a chat. That's nice. 

It's fun heading outdoors with your best friends.
So there you go. You can keep your faddy diets - my resolution this year is to get outside as much as possible. Wishing you all a fun filled 2014.

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx

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