Thursday, 20 February 2014

February Gardening - Daddy Guest Post

Lulu has granted me temporary custody of the blog for today as she's helping sow some vegetable seeds with her mummy and I'm sure there'll be a blog post about it soon. In the meantime you're stuck with me.

Just the view and the sheep for company

We enjoyed an absolutely fabulous February weekend just passed. Temperatures were unseasonally mild and the sun was shining strongly. I made great headway through a fairly healthy to-do list but enjoyed every minute of it. I got through the following:

1. Tidied up the garage. This is often a precursor to many other tasks as it allows me to access the various tools required in order to chalk items off my work list.
2. Power washed the deck. The weather was so good all weekend that I managed to get the deck treated on the Sunday. Let nobody tell you however that decks are low maintenance!
3. Cleaned & repaired the gutters and removed some of the moss building up on the tiles.
3. Top-dressed front & back borders with organic manure. We enjoy very heavy clay soil so have embarked on incorporating as much organic matter as we can over the last few years. It really does make a difference though so you shouldn’t ever let a clay plot put you off.

The good stuff!
Gotta help the bees...

I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I witnessed coming through in the garden. Our spring bulbs are well on their way. I was more encouraged by the summer herbaceous that’s making headway due to the mild weather. Fennel, sedum, eryngium and cynara are all well established and we even have a cirsium rivulare in flower!

A Cirsium valiantly flowering despite the season...

Contorted hazel - A winter favourite...
There’s also some cerinthe seedlings holding their own that must have self-seeded from two seasons ago. They shouldn’t be surviving but they are so I’m just letting them be. Let’s hope everything can make it through to Spring and let’s hope Spring ain’t too far away.

Anyways, that's enough from me as I've barely dented my to-do list so I better get back to it.

Ta-ta for now

Lulu's Daddy

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