Monday, 31 March 2014

10 Easy Peasy Veg To Grow This Spring

You have seen in recent weeks I have been busy sowing seeds and getting a good head start for Spring. However, I know some of you maybe don't have the time, space or even the inclination to get involved with the whole propagating indoors malarkey. Don't worry though, there are LOADS of easy PEASy vegetables you can grow straight into the garden. Here is the "Lulu's Garden" Top Ten veg to grow this Spring. Oh, and a quick and easy craft project to make your own plant labels too!

These teeny tiny sets will grow into big onions!

Monday, 24 March 2014

An Upcycled Gift for Mummy's Day

Hellllooooo everyone! I am sure you are all remembering that it's Mother's Day this Sunday. I certainly am 'cos my Mummy is awesome and I will be spoiling her ALL day! In my experience (of which I have packed a lot into my whole two years!) mummies like handmade gifts which are made with love (and sparkly, expensive presents too but that's not for this blog!) So, here is a great idea of a lovely gift you can make for this weekend. And the best bit is you have to eat some yummy cheese first!
What mummy wouldn't be completely
delighted with this on Mummy's Day?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Book Review: 101 Things for Kids To Do Outside by Dawn Isaac

Next week a new book will be launched and I was lucky enough to be sent a sneaky preview copy so that I can tell you, my lovely readers, all about it. It's written by a fellow blogger called Dawn Isaac (she is very clever and is also a garden designer like M&D) and now she has written a book (1). It is called "101 Things for Kids To Do Outside". Could it be any more perfect for me and my super-duper blog? Here's what it's about, the sort of things you will find inside and what I think of it...
Clutching my special preview copy

Monday, 10 March 2014

Myths or Musts?

There are so many tips, adages and "old wive's tales" to do with gardening that a lot of the time you just take it as gospel that it's the right thing to do. Some are so in-grained into us that even our favourite TV presenters (personally I love Monty!) pass on these tips - but are they always right? From tea and coffee to singing and weeing (!) read on to find out which tips are true and which are myths that are about to be well and truly Lulu busted!

Is it true or is it false? Read on to find out...

Monday, 3 March 2014

Ladybird Love

People often say dogs are man's best friend but not if he is a gardener. I reckon a gardener's best friend has got to be the ladybird. I love them 'cos:

a. They are pretty
b. They are fun to draw
c. They eat lots of bad bugs in the garden

In my latest blog I will regale you with lots of interesting facts on ladybirds, tips on how to encourage them into your garden as well as a cool craft project featuring our spotty friends. And I will even tell you about some funky ladybird flowers to grow... 

The ladybird - one of the prettiest and most useful of garden insects