Monday, 17 March 2014

Book Review: 101 Things for Kids To Do Outside by Dawn Isaac

Next week a new book will be launched and I was lucky enough to be sent a sneaky preview copy so that I can tell you, my lovely readers, all about it. It's written by a fellow blogger called Dawn Isaac (she is very clever and is also a garden designer like M&D) and now she has written a book (1). It is called "101 Things for Kids To Do Outside". Could it be any more perfect for me and my super-duper blog? Here's what it's about, the sort of things you will find inside and what I think of it...
Clutching my special preview copy

Dawn Isaac has three kids of her own so she knows a thing or two (well 101 actually) about kids and how to have fun. She is firmly of the same mindset as me that it's waaay more fun to head outside than to be stuck inside watching TV (although that can be fun too).

The book has been split into four seasons so frankly there is no excuse to not head outside, whatever the time of year. There are also projects for people who don't have a garden. Just head outside to parks, woods, public gardens, wherever. 

The book is PACKED full of lots
(well 101 to be precise) of awesome ideas
Here are some of the things I just love about this book:

  • There are lots of lovely big pictures for every single project so you can see how it is built and what the final project should look like.
  • On every project it clearly lists all the materials you need so you can see quickly what you need to get or you can quickly choose a project where you already have everything you need. Loads of the projects just use the sort of things you will have lying about the house.
  • The book is filled with lots of tips (like really awesome ones on how to make games messier, yay!)
  • There are lots of ideas you can use as gifts throughout the year (home made gifts are so much nicer to give and receive.)
  • There are lots of fun cartoons throughout the book.
  • There is a great mix of quick and easy projects (that can be done in about an hour) as well as some which you can spend a bit more time on.
  • It's a great reference for things to do at parties or on play dates (your friends will think you are the coolest person ever having all these projects up your sleeve.)
  • There's a great mix of games, gardening and craft projects - exactly what my blog is all about.
There are lots of cool projects - do you want to
hear some?  But sshhh, don't tell anyone else OK?

The lovely people at Kyle Books (hello Hannah!) have given me permission to tell you about some of these projects over the course of the year so watch out for these in future blogs. A few which have already caught my eye and I think are brilliant ideas are:
  • Grow a potato tower (it uses old tyres and is a brilliant way of "earthing up")
  • Go on a bear hunt (hide and seek for all ages)
  • Brew your own plant food (it's like a witches brew and stinks, yay!)
  • Make a twig plant pot (I think this would be an awesome Mother's Day project, watch this space...)
  • Make outdoor bunting (perfect for garden parties, if only we were having one soon Daddy that we could try this at...)
  • Make a butterfly feeder (it involves painting so I am in!)
  • Hold a snail race (I LOVE snails!)
  • Make autumn crowns (as a princess I insist on this project!)

Reading up about creating a stumpery.
I am sooooo gonna make one of them.
I hugely recommend "101 Things for Kids To Do Outside" . I think it would be a WONDERFUL gift to give friends for Easter (or drop hints to your grown up to buy it for you!) It will last a whole lot longer than a chocolate egg. This book is loads of fun for kids of all ages. The only thing you will need to watch out for is your grown up trying to steal it.

Lulu rating: 5 big shiny stars! 

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx

1. I would like to write a book when I am a big girl. Perhaps when I am three...

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