Monday, 14 April 2014

Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Hey everybody. Easter is almost here so I decided to combine two of my favourite activities (gardening and doing crafty stuff of course!) and come up with a suitably eggs-citing project for my latest blog. So read on and find out how to make your very own Easter Basket for free!

My Easter twig basket

Easter Twig Basket

You will need:

  • Some twigs
  • Some string
  • Some pine needles/feathers/grasses etc to decorate
To make:

1. Collect some twigs. We found lots lying around the garden but there will probably be plenty shrubs being pruned you can steal some from too!

Collect some twigs, leaves and other bits from the garden

2. Select six strong twigs which can bend too and make a star shape with them and tie them in place.

I kept a close eye on Grandma as she made
the star shape to make sure she got it right!

3. Weave your other twigs around the star to make the start of the basket.

4. As you weave more you will need to curve your original twigs (the star) up to make the basket shape.

5. Add your decorations.We added some nice pine needles for colour and scent!

6. Fill your finished basket with some pretty Easter eggs, chicks or of course chocolate! 

I filled my basket with some pretty Easter eggs

Isn't that a pretty way to give someone a gift this Easter?

For this and more fab projects get yourself a copy of 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside by Dawn Isaac. 

It's my copy! Get your own...

Happy Easter everyone!

Hugs & kisses

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