Monday, 19 May 2014

Introducing the TomTato...

Have you heard of TomTato? No, he's not the kung fu expert from CBeebies silly! It's an awesome new hybrid from the very clever people at Thompson & Morgan. Why don't you read on to find a bit more about what it is and how it could transform your patio...

Welcome to Lulu's Garden little TomTato!

I am sure lots of my clever readers will have worked it out already - the TomTato is a cross between a TOMato plant and a poTATO plant. Geddit? I love tomatoes and I love potatoes. And even more I love ketchup and chips and this plant can provide you with both! Awesome huh? Here are a few facts about the TomTato and why I think you should give it a whirl this summer:
  • Each TomTato plants has been carefully hand grafted to combine both tomato and potato plants.
  • Did you know that tomatoes are actually part of the potato family, hence they are perfectly happily growing together in one plant!
  • There's no genetic modification and the process is natural and safe.

    First, fill a BIG pot full of compost
    and dig a hole for your plant to go in.
    • Above ground you will find a cherry tomato plant which can produce up to 500 tomatoes (that's a lot of ketchup!) Not only that they are said to be even more lovely and sweet than the cherry tomatoes you get in the supermarket.
    • Below ground the potato plant is busily doing its work and can yield up to 2kg of potatoes. They are are a lovely versatile potato which are great for boiling, mashing, roasting and, most importantly, great chips!
    Make sure the pot is big enough to maximise
    your yield, ideally holding 40 litres of compost
    • The super clever people at Thompson & Morgan have been working on this awesome new plant for over 15 years but this is the first time it has been available to buy. You can buy it right now from £14.99 from Thompson & Morgan.
    • You can grow the plants literally anywhere - indoors, outdoors, on a patio, in your allotment, wherever!
    • As there is clever stuff happening both above and below ground you are maximising the yield for the amount of space in your garden. So even if you just have a small garden, all you need is a decent sized pot on your patio and you can grow both tatties and tomaties!
    Once planted, give your TomTato a good
    watering and pop it in a frost free place to thrive

    We have three lovely TomTato plants growing at the moment. Two in our greenhouse and one outside in a pot. I will keep you posted on progress. For lots of tips on growing tomatoes read my Tasty Tomatoes blog.

    Next we would like a CarrGette clever people at T&M...

    Hugs & kisses,

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