Tuesday, 24 June 2014

50 things for kids to do in the garden this summer

In Scotland, the summer officially starts this weekend when schools break up. Seven glorious weeks lie ahead filled with long lies, sunny days (we hope) and having fun with friends. Sometimes though we can wake up and need a little inspiration for what to do that day. Never fear, Lulu's here with 50 (yes fifty!) fun things to do in the garden this summer. That's one for every day of the holidays! See how many you can fit in...

Monday, 9 June 2014

Daddy's Day Tin Can Planters

Hey everyone. It's Father's Day this Sunday which means we all need to be extra nice to our lovely daddies. I think it's nice to make something personal for Daddy's Day so I have come up with a really cool project which you can easily personalise to your own Daddy. Or if you are strapped for time you can keep it plain and very simple. And it can cost absolutely no money too which is even better! Here's my Tin Can Planters for Father's Day... 

I really like my Daddy's Day tin can planters!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Midgie Mayhem!

Us gardeners have a lot to deal with in the garden. From slugs and snails to fungal diseases and mossy lawns there is always something for us to fight. But here in Scotland one of the BIG issues (which is ironic as they are so teeny weeny!) is the midgie. It strikes fear into the hearts of all of us outdoor adventurers. So what are they, why are they so annoying and what can we do to fight back?...

The Culicoides impunctatus!