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50 things for kids to do in the garden this summer

In Scotland, the summer officially starts this weekend when schools break up. Seven glorious weeks lie ahead filled with long lies, sunny days (we hope) and having fun with friends. Sometimes though we can wake up and need a little inspiration for what to do that day. Never fear, Lulu's here with 50 (yes fifty!) fun things to do in the garden this summer. That's one for every day of the holidays! See how many you can fit in...

This list was created by the very clever people at Little Green Fingers. Click on the links to find out how to make them:

This is a great game you can ask a grown up to make-up so that you and your friends can play at being detectives in the garden. See if you can remember the plant names too. 
2. Press flowers - then make pressed flower book marks
Pressed flowers look really pretty. Not only can you make bookmarks you could make a card to welcome a friend home from holiday or just make pretty pictures.
3. Stargaze at night. 
With no school to get up for the next morning you have the perfect excuse to stay up late and look at stars on a clear night. You could maybe persuade an adult to camp in the garden with you one night too?

We all love tunnels and hidey holes. Help your grown-up make your tunnel using things you can find in your garden shed or what you can borrow from friends and family. Once you have created it have tunnel races with your friends!
M&D used to play badminton a lot and they say it's a lot of fun. All you need are racquets and shuttlecocks (you should be able to pick these up from a charity shop or online for very little money if you don't have any) and a net. The net could be a home made one using some left over net from the veg patch. Love all. 
Who doesn't love fresh flowers in the house? Or take a posy of sweet peas round to your neighbour. They'll never complain about you being noisy again if you do that!
7. Go on a mini-beast hunt - or even have an entire bug themed party
Beasts and bugs. You can't go wrong!

8. Put double-sided sticky tape on some card and see how many nature colours you can spot and collect on a walk outside. 
Not only is it fun to do you will keep on using it long after the holidays are over.
Mini gardens are sooooo cute. You can have whatever theme you want. Introduce some of your toys to the garden. Perhaps you want a Lego garden? Or a play dough garden? Get your friends involved and see what you can create.
11. Make a tent from a clothes horse, pegs and sheet and set up your own camping site. 
Make sure you set strict rules as to who can enter your den of course! 
12. Make a garden collage. 
I love art projects at any time of the year but summer is great. Making pictures using leaves, grass, flowers, seed heads etc. is lots of fun. 
13. Try some open air theatre - drag the dressing up box outside and put on a show. 
Who knows, next summer you could be putting on a Fringe show at the Edinburgh Festival!
14. Pick some strawberries and make a summery milkshake
I love picking fruit in the garden. Normally it doesn't even make it into the kitchen but I am going to try and save some and make a yummy milkshake!
I already have a cool pallet sandpit but a tyre sandpit with a wigwam on top looks awesome!

16. Find some fairy gifts. 
There are fairies in all our gardens and it's nice to leave them gifts sometimes. From beds, blankets and pillows to daisy chains and necklaces, all you need is a little imagination. 
17. Collect some seeds and make your own seed packets
It is starting to get to be the perfect time of year to think about this. Already we have lovely mecanopsis seed heads in the garden so I shall be collecting some seeds in my very own packets this summer...
18. Set up an outdoor cinema and watch a family movie in the garden. 
I love gardening but I also love TV. What could possibly be better than combining them both? Oh yeah, adding in some friends and popcorn!
19. Plan and build a garden for the kids
From planning through to construction the whole family can be involved in planning and creating a section of the garden which is the "Kids Zone"
20. Have a picnic. 
I think this is a must for pretty much every day of the hols as long as its not pouring with rain!
If you have a playhouse then why not give it a bit of a revamp. Put up some curtains, pictures and a nice vase of flowers. And don't forget your list of rules!
22. Make flower fairies
You could make a flower fairy and leave it as a present for your garden fairies. A new friend for them them to play with!
23. Fill the paddling pool
Another must as soon as there is the tiniest bit of sunshine!

You could tie this in with your tyre sand pit and put some plants in a corner!
I love this idea! It's a great project to do with friends and everyone has a gift to take home and use. Lovely!
A journal is a great way of noting what's happening in the garden, ideas of things to grow, wildlife you have spotted or sticking in bits of leaves, flowers or rubbings.  
These are a must if you are going to do the outdoor cinema or go camping in the garden!
28. Build a scarecrow like this - or this 
A must for all veg patches.
If you have a local timber yard they might have some off-cuts that you can get for nothing and you can create a walkway around your garden. 

This is a lot of fun and you can do it in your garden or arrange to go for a walk in nearby woodlands with friends (and grown-ups). Have a list of things to look for (how about a Gruffalo?) and things to collect. 
31. Build a tree house. 
You will need a capable adult (and a tree) for this one but once it's done you will have lots of summers of fun in it. 
Bug hotels are great fun to make but also great for the environment.
Let's hope we won't be needing them much this summer and the only time we will have them out is to personalise them!
34. Jump in puddles 
If it does rain jumping in puddles is a must. And with personalised wellies on too!
If you are growing pumpkins in your veg patch, score your name into one. That is now officially yours which you can watch and care for and, when it is fully grown, it will be graffitied with your name! Cool! 
36. Use some bamboo canes, netting and prunings to make a camouflaged bird spotting den. 
Remember to write what you spot in your nature journal. 
37. Choose your own autumn bulbs for planting. 
We're not wishing the summer away but it can be nice to plan ahead and if you buy early you will get a better choice. 

There's a worm at the bottom of the garden...
39. Blow some bubbles
Who doesn't love bubbles? Come on, I ask you...
40. Go bark rubbing
You will love the different textures you will find and you can stick them in your journal or use them to decorate your den/playhouse.
41. Make 'magic mixturesor even set up your own mud pie kitchen. 
Make the mixtures as magic as you like with all the things you can find in the garden. 
42. Make a list for a scavenger hunt
All you need for this is a list, some buckets and some friends to play against. Who will find everything first?
43. Have a game of croquet 
I will be telling you all about croquet and other garden games in a new blog post coming very soon.

44. Use some chalk to create a paving stone art gallery. 
I love chalk drawing outside - you can draw as much as you like without getting into trouble, yay! 
45. Devise an obstacle course
Have a nosy around the garden shed for some items that will help make obstacles (anything from old netting and canes to pots and empty compost bags can be used) and get your friends round for some fun. 
46. Sink a trampoline and watch them bounce. 
Another one which needs a little expertise but trampolines look lots better when sunk, are much easier to get on and off and are a lot safer. 
47. Climb a tree. 
All you need for this is a tree! And some bravery ;)
48. Create a den 
A variation on the other dens. You can't have too many though can you?
49. Have a water fight. 
Yay, I loooooveee a water fight!
Another great project if friends are coming over. Save up some kitchen containers in readiness for this type of project - tubs, cans, boxes, you will find all sorts you can use. To make a tin can planter click here to find out how.

So now you have no excuse to utter those words "I'm bored" this summer. Happy holidays everyone!

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx

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