Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Feed The Birds, Tuppence a Bag...

I love birds. They can fly for one thing, which is pretty cool. They are also great friends to us gardeners. In my latest blog I am reviewing a super book all about garden birds from the cool people at the RSPB. I have also created a trendy bird feeder which is soooo easy for you to make at home.

The best restaurant in town!

Book Review: My First Book of Garden Birds (RSPB)

The lovely people at the RSPB do an incredibly important job in protecting our feathered friends. They kindly sent me their "First Book of Garden Birds" so I could read it and, more importantly, tell you all about it. 

The first thing you notice before you even open the book  are the beautiful bird illustrations on the cover. These continue throughout the whole book making it beautiful and colourful as well as educational.

The book is split into interesting sections. "Birds in your garden" tells you some basic information on what its important to do to look after the birds in your garden and to encourage more in.

The "Guess Who" section is my favourite. You are given lots of clues about common garden birds and a beautiful illustration and you have to try and recognise them. It's a great introduction to bird spotting for littlies like me and you don't even need to venture outside with binoculars and waterproofs!

It's a riveting read!

There is also an explanation about some of the terms used when talking about birds such as plumage and markings so you can talk like an expert! 

At an RRP of £6.99 for a hard backed copy, this book is great value and a wonderful introduction to the world of birds. It's a must for all young readers who like the outdoors and nature.

Lulu's Star Rating:

One of the things that this lovely book tells you about is how important it is to feed the birds in your garden. I have created this awesome bird feeder from an old drinks carton. Read on to find out how...

Make Your Own Bird Feeder

You will need:

  • Empty juice carton
  • Scissors
  • Paints, glue and things to decorate your feeder
  • String or ribbon
  • Pencil or doweling
To make:

1. Take your empty drinks carton and give it a good clean out.

2. Paint your carton. I gave it two coats of paint so that it was well covered. 

Paint your juice carton

3.  Ask a grown up to carefully cut a whole in two facing sides, big enough for small garden birds to enter.

4. Glue on lots of pretty accessories, glitter or paint some patterns.

Decorate with pretty patterns, glitter and accessories!

5. Under the whole cut a small cross on each side and slide a pencil through to create a perch for the birds. You could use a piece of doweling.  

6. Add a piece of string or ribbon through the top so you can hang up your bird feeder.

What bird wouldn't want to be seen here?

7. Fill your bird feeder with some lovely bird seed.

Your garden will be THE place to be seen and hang out in the neighbourhood for all the local birdies!

Hugs & kisses,

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