Monday, 29 September 2014

I Declare Provost's Park Officially Open!

I had an awesome day yesterday as I, Lulu Burt, (aged two and a half) had the great honour of officially opening Provost's Park in Bridge of Allan! M&D have been working on the re-design of the Park from even before I was born (wow!) but it was really worth the wait to see the finished park and see so many people come out for the opening. Here are some pics from my big day along with a little bit about the park and the new design...

I unveil the plaque with Gavin Drummond
and declare Provost's park officially open!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Brambly Blog

Hey everyone. It's the time of year when the hedgerows are bursting with brambles (aka blackberries) and us bramblers (namely my BFF Euan and myself) are to be found with purple fingers and tell tale purple mouths! It's good fun going hunting for brambles and seeing how many you can get past your mouth and into your tub. In this latest brambly blog I tell you some wonderful bramble facts as well as sharing a lovely recipe which uses them up (along with a few apples from my garden), yum!

Just doing some quality control with my BFF Euan

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Yum Plum!

If you live anywhere similar to us, you will be seeing an explosion of plums on trees and trug-fulls of yummy plums being traded around the neighbourhood at the moment! If you want to grow plums, my latest blog gives you a few tips along with a lovely cake recipe to put them into if you have any left over...

Our tree, laden with plums!