Monday, 29 September 2014

I Declare Provost's Park Officially Open!

I had an awesome day yesterday as I, Lulu Burt, (aged two and a half) had the great honour of officially opening Provost's Park in Bridge of Allan! M&D have been working on the re-design of the Park from even before I was born (wow!) but it was really worth the wait to see the finished park and see so many people come out for the opening. Here are some pics from my big day along with a little bit about the park and the new design...

I unveil the plaque with Gavin Drummond
and declare Provost's park officially open!

The site of the park used to be a church, waaaaay long ago. Even before M&D were born! The corner beside the toilet has been made into the Ecclesiastical (fancy name for church) garden to reflect this and features pews from a village church as well as ecclesiastic type planting. 

The crowds gather for the official opening ceremony

A Victorian theme was chosen for the new park to reflect Bridge of Allan being a Victorian spa town.

Lots of seating and wide paths in the park was important so locals and visitors can use the garden comfortably. 

Councillor Houston introduces the proceedings

Low maintenance planting that tied in with the Victorian theme was important so that the park remains easy to manage by the wonderful Friends of Bridge of Allan who look after it.

A clever lady called Claire Gibbons designed the screens around the toilet block. They feature lovely details from around the village such as the bridge, heron, Paterson's clock and a church window.

Look Mummy, the paparazzi are here!

The entertainment on the day was from:

  • Beaconhurst School who had a brilliant folk band. Like properly awesome. I loved dancing to them.
  • Dance Connections who had pretty ballerinas in tutus and wellies at the actual opening and then there were lots of dance performances in the church hall after. Carla is the teacher - she is very talented and I go to her classes too. They are LOTS of fun!
The Beaconhurst band were totally awesome!
  • A slide show of old photos and the BofA Coronation film, put together by the lovely Janie Meikle Bland.
  • A talk from Malcolm Allen who is a local historian and expert on all things BofA!
  • Lovely tea and biscuits from the wonderful Friends of Bridge of Allan. 
I've done it! I've unveiled the plaque!
I had a really brilliant day and I am so excited to have a plaque with my name on it in this beautiful park. Thanks to everyone who came along to watch me carry out my duties!

Me and my plaque!

Me, M&D. What a proud day!

Hugs & kisses,

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