Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lulu's Sunflower Competition: The Results Are In...

Hey everyone. Do you remember waaaay back in February I launched "Lulu's Sunflower Competition"? Well, it has been a busy old summer with some of my friends better than others at growing their sunflowers! But the decision has been made and we have a winner. Read on to find out who it is and to see some lovely sunflower photos...

A host of golden...sunflowers!

Despite being the expert in all things gardening, I somehow didn't win this competition! Must have been that one time I let M&D water my sunflower. Anyway, I still made a good effort and here is a picture of me gazing up at my sunflower:

Mummy, who has stolen my sunflower's petals?

But there can only be one winner (well it's actually two) and this year it is...drum roll please...Jamie and Ollie Norton!!! Here is Ollie with the winning sunflower. It is soooo tall it is higher than the shed and his Daddy needed to hold him up to see it properly!

Ollie and the winning sunflower
Ollie has obviously learnt his skills from his big brother Jamie who grew an enormous sunflower last year too. Click here to see that one! Ollie also planted a dwarf sunflower for Daddy's Day and here is a photo of that one too. Might not win the prize for tallest sunflower but it could be in with a shout for the cutest!:

Ollie with his dwarf sunflower

So well done to Ollie and his big bro Jamie. Your prize will be winging it's way to you soon.

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx 

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