Monday, 20 October 2014

Perfect Potatoes with Twigz

Our lovely friends at Twigz have supplied us with some awesome gardening equipment which I have used ALL year. One of my favourite things to grow is potatoes. Here I tell you a little about what I have grown, how my Twigz tools have helped and also a crafty project if you have a left over potato...

Me getting stuck into the tattie harvesting with some help from Twigz

Way back in March, I told you about 10 Easy Peasy Veg to Grow this year. Did you manage to grow any? One of the things I grew was potatoes, Maris Peer potatoes to be precise. They are really easy peasy to grow. You need to:
  • Clear/weed the area you want to plant the potatoes in using your Twigz hand tools
Twigz tools are perfect for the veg patch
  • Dig holes using your Twigz trowel to plant your seed potatoes in.
  • As the potatoes grow and you see the green leaves sprouting, cover them up (it's called "earthing up") until they get so high you can't cover them any more.
  • Keep the area around the potatoes well weeded
Dig up the potatoes and store in a hessian sack
  • Once the foliage has died back you can dig the potatoes up (time to get that trowel and bucket at the ready again!)
  • Eat (yummy. Twigz need to make a knife and fork set for this part!)
And how did my tools last the test of time. Well, as a feisty toddler, I certainly put them through their paces this spring, summer and autumn. They have been well used from planting and harvesting veg, weeding the flower beds and generally just being a great helper to M&D. There isn't the slightest bit of wear on the tools, none have broken and they still look great. I would definitely recommend them to any budding (excuse the pun!) gardener out there. 
A trug full of potatoes, yum!
So there you have it, easy peasy potatoes in one year. They store really well through winter too, just keep them in a hessian bag in a cool, dark spot. (The hessian bag is perfect for the sack race come Spring time too!)

If you don't eat every single potato (which it is hard to resist, believe me!) then I like to do some potato stamping. Here's what to do...

Potato Stamping

You will need:
  • A potato
  • Paint
  • Sharp knife (and a grown up to help)
  • Paper
1. Choose a medium or large potato.

2. Ask a grown up to cut it in half and to carve a pretty pattern into the cut edges. We carved a leaf into ours.

Stamp, stamp, stamp!
3. Dip the pattern in paint.

4. Make a pretty picture!

A pretty picture - and some potato stamping too ;)

Here are a couple of pictures I made. I just painted a trunk and made this one a tree:

A potato tree, ha ha!

I think this one looks like a pretty snowflake!:

A potato snowflake!

Hugs & kisses,