Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for Gardening Kids

It's that time of year when I'm weighing up how good a boy I've been this last year so I can gauge just what I can ask Father Christmas for! Mummy says budding gardeners (excuse the pun, hee hee) make ideal people to buy for as there are lots of wonderful kits and tools to help us enjoy the outside world.  

Tonight I'm sending my letter to Father Christmas.  
Here's the address to send your letters to Father Christmas too.  Just make sure it gets there by December 6th and you will receive a reply to let you know your wish list has been received and that Father Christmas is checking how well behaved you've been.

Father Christmas
Santa's Grotto,
My drawing for Father Christmas- ready for me to write my wish list on

Here are my top suggestions for things to add to your letter this year:

Gardening tools kit
Earlier this year my BFF Lulu did a review of some fab kids gardening gear from Twigz. I've got my eyes on the funky orange bucket full of useful child-sized tools in the My first Gardening Tools set. That way I can be as useful as Lulu and help mummy with planting and weeding. I just need to learn the difference between a weed and a Mummy's seedlings! £19.99. 
All the important tools you need to be as good a gardener as Lulu

Rainy Day Planting Kit
Talking of planting, it is a great activity to do indoors on a wet day (which seems to be a LOT of days). These ceramic wellies are so cute and contain everything you need to grow mint, basil, wild strawberry or camomile.  You just have to add water. I'm super excited to try our kit out early next year.  I'll let you know how I get on. £9.95.
Looking forward to a rainy day to try mine out

Cool Coloured Plant Labels 
And how do you know what you've planted in your pots? You need label of course.  But us cool kids don't want to use boring old white plastic ones. No, we want a burst of bright colour. So I'll be using these fabby coloured plant labels from Wells and Winter, I'll show you some photos of how good they look in my pots. 3p each.

Much more fun that a boring white label 

If you wish to be a bit less structured in your planting how about throwing a cool seedbom from Kabloom?  These grenade shaped shells are made from recycled paper and come in a variety of seeds.  Lulu previously had fun throwing the butterflybom in this previous blog. I'm really looking forward to practising my throwing with the starflower and winter wildflower bombs. Both are great for encouraging pollinators into your garden and I think guerrilla gardening sounds way cool. I'll keep you updated on how I do. From £2.95.

A fun way to encourage pollinators to your garden

If you and your family wish to be a bit more welcoming than the innkeeper in the nativity story, why not give a home to a hedgehog?  The lid on this one by The Bees Knees Design Agency is removable for ease of cleaning, which will stop it getting a bit stinky inside. £75.

How cool would it be to have a hedgehog living at the end of your garden?

Feed the Birds
How about going a step further and not just providing a bed but breakfast too? Using the Me and My Birds kit you can make food that wild birds find yummy using the "magic mix" ingredients. Everything you need is included, just add water and mix then you can cut out cool shapes like butterflies or flowers to hang in your garden. £17.95.

All you need to make fun shaped bird food

Ancient Seeds
How about growing plants that were around when your Granny and Grandad were little (not sure I believe it but my Granny tells me she was little once too)? By buying heritage seeds you can grow unusual colours and flavours of plants like purple carrots and yellow beetroot and a chocolate brown sweet pepper. I think this sound A- maze-ing! You can even gather seeds from your plants to grow more fruit and veg the following years. From about £1.00.

I'd LOVE to eat yellow beetroot

Maybe if you've been really, really, really good this year Father Christmas will bring you a garden chair that also works as a rocking toy. I'd really like this one from Eero Aarnio as you can turn it so it has a nice high back that would make me feel like a king sitting on a throne. King Euan of Vialii Towers, sounds cool doesn't it? £232. 
This seat looks fun however you sit on it

Fab books 
Over the last year Lulu has reviewed lots of fabby books for us gardening kids.  Any of them would make an ideal present. Have a look at what Lulu thought of Grow It Eat It , 101 Things for Kids to do Outside, My First Book of Garden Birds, Findus Plants Meatballs and Findus, Food and Fun.  The hard bit will be picking just one.

Hope you’ve found something to add to your letter to Santa. I'd like one of each so I'm off to tidy my toys to earn extra good boy points! 

Big hugs,

Euan x

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