Monday, 8 December 2014

A Snail, A Snail, The Teacher Turns Pale...

Unlike many gardeners (and teachers), I LOVE snails. I love finding them in the garden, I love drawing them and I love reading about them in my favourite book The Snail and the Whale. In this blog I tell you a few facts about the banded snail, how to make your very own Snail Race as well as a lovely picture depicting the race!

Lookeeee, a banded snail!

Banded Snail Facts

There are 2 common banded shell snails in the UK - one is brown-lipped and one is white-lipped. The colours refer to their shell openings though, not their actual lips!

Snails hide during the day in damp places and come out in wet weather or at night.

Banded snails hibernate in the winter.

Banded snails have two pairs of tentacles on their head which can be retracted. The longer, upper pair have the snail's eyes at the very end of them!

Earlier in the year I reviewed the very wonderful 101 Things for Kids To Do Outdoors Book. If you haven't already got it I would def recommend it for your Santa list. One of the projects in the book is the Snail Race. I decided to challenge M&D to a snail race. Here's how...

Snail Race

You will need:
  • Snails
  • Chalk
How to do a race:

1. Draw your race track on some slabs using chalk.

Draw your race track

2. Find some snails to race (I recommend having a good root around your hostas, a favourite of the snail!)

The snail and the pail!

3. Get all the contestants to place their snail on the starting line and ready, steady, go!

Ready, steady, slither!

4. The first snail over the finishing line is the winner!

Come on my snail!

Mummy's snail managed to somehow win our snail race! I demand a re-run (or should that be a re-slither?!)

If you are a bit squeamish when it comes to snails then you can make your own snail race out of craft materials...

Snail Race Picture

You will need:

  • Card and coloured papers
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue

My snail race picture brightens up the Vialii office

To make:

1. Choose some card to make your picture on
2. Add coloured papers to create ground, sky etc
3. Make the snails bodies out of coloured paper (I used nice crepe paper)
4. Use the pipe cleaners to make the shells and feelers
5. Add whatever other detail you like. I added a crepe paper sun, some jewel flowers and drew some birdies in the sky. 

There you go. A lovely picture so if you are a snail fan like me you can enjoy looking at them all year round, even when they are hibernating! Even when I don't have much time, I love drawing a quick snail...

A Lulu original

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx 

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