Monday, 22 December 2014

Homemade EDIBLE Christmas Trees

Last week I posted how to make some twig based Christmas tree decorations.
Lot of people told me that they looked like they were made from a certain long thin chocolate that we get in the UK.  
I thought I'd have a go at using them to make edible versions.  
See how I got on- they are yum-eeee!

Quick, easy, gorgeous and yummy

You'll need:
  • Twig shaped chocolates (I used mint Matchmakers but I bet you can get other brands too)
  • Cardboard (old cereal packets work well)
  • Chocolate buttons
  • Needle and thread
I managed to stick on the "branches" myself

  1. I got Mummy to cut out strips of cardboard and to melt a few chocolate buttons for me.
  2. Then I spread the melted chocolate on the cardboard strips.
  3. Next I snapped the Matchmakers into different lengths and pressed them into the molten chocolate.
  4. I covered the strips in different lengths of Matchmaker.
  5. I managed to stop myself eating the trees and left them to harden.
  6. Then Mummy used a needle to loop some thread through the cardboard so that I could hang them on our tree (and I ate the left over chocolate branches!!) 

Ta da:
My trees look fab on our real Christmas tree

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