Monday, 15 December 2014

Wild about Wildlife!

The clocks have changed, the leaves have fallen and it's definitely starting to look a bit wintery out there. Whilst we can snuggle up indoors, that's not the case for our lovely wildlife friends. Now is the time to help make sure they are cosy for the winter. Here are a few things you can do as well as a wonderful wildlife jigsaw I need to share with you...

I'm wild about wildlife and jigsaws!

Bug hotels are really popular these days and are easy to make. They mostly use materials which you or a friend will have lying about the garden or garage. Here is a wonderful image from Wild About Gardens telling you how to make your very own bug hotel: 

Bug hotels don't need to take up too much space though.  With less space you can still make a home for solitary bees. All you need is some hollow tubes such as cut down bamboo canes (ask an adult to cut them for you) or even tightly rolled up recycled paper stuck with flour & water glue. Tubes need to be roughly same length as your holder. Plant pots or plastic bottles with the top cut off make great holders. Place your tubes in the holder, stuff the spaces with moss or dried leaves and tie a bit of string around the pot so it can hang up:

A hedgehog house is a wonderful way to help our super cute friends. A pile of leaves can be a great place for them to hide if you don't have time to make anything fancier. I love this idea from Nature's Way For Kids too though:

Don't forget your feathered friends over winter. A home made bird feeder is easy to make, looks funky AND you get eat some yummy fruit first. This idea from Stephanie Lynn needs a bit of help from a grown up but can add a dash of colour to your garden:  

And for those days when you are cosy indoors, what better way to pass the time than doing a woodland jigsaw? The super clever people at Bigjigs Toys have created this wonderful woodland wildlife jigsaw, inspired by all my favourite furry friends from hedgehogs to squirrels, foxes to deer. It comes in different sizes to suit all different age groups from as little as 24 pieces up to 192 pieces, wow! It is a little bit hard for littlies like me as there is so much detail in the jigsaw and a lot of the colours are similar as it is set in woodland. However, I LOVE all the animals and I am sure I will enjoy this jigsaw for many years to come. I love spotting all the animals once we have built it and hearing stories from M&D about them. Educational and fun, what more can you ask?  From £13.49.

I hope you and your wildlife friends are all nice and cosy now. 

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx

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