Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Getting Gardens and Parents organised

Did you know that Scotland (where I live) is officially a sun deprived country :-( . That means we need to take every opportunity we can to top up our Vitamin D levels over winter. After some really wet and windy weather then big snow falls I'm looking forward to getting outdoors, topping up my Vitamin D and helping get the garden ready for the year ahead.  
What jobs can you help your parents do around the garden at this time of year?

Whose said Scotland was sun deprived?

What I'm going to be doing:
  • Help Mummy and Daddy choose which fruit and veg to plant this year (I'm voting for Tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, courgettes and more tomatoes- last year we had 148 tomato plants!)
When I was one we had 98 tomato plants, last year it was 148, I wonder how many we'll have to water in 2015?

  • Help to clean our empty seed trays and help mummy make pots from recycled newspaper (Mummy has a special tool but you can also do this with a tin can)
Recycled newspaper pots ready to add compost and seeds

  • Help sow seeds (look out for an update on this very soon). 
  • Put large pots over our rhubarb crown to "force it". Now I'm as stubborn as any 3 year old but I think rhubarb must be even more stubborn if you have to force it to grow!
Who needs fancy rhubarb forcer when you can use a plant pot!

  • Clear away dead foliage from perennials- Mummy is going to cut it down and I'm going to put it in our compost bin.
  • Help Daddy dig up some mint roots and pot them up to encourage early shoots (Daddy and I love using mint in our Vietnamese cooking and daddy uses it in a weird sounding drink called a mojito!)
  • Help clean the garden tools and get the shed/greenhouse ship shape for Spring.
Someone has to get Mummy organised when this many tomato seedlings arrive from Grandad!

  • Help Daddy check that the recent storms haven't loosened off any tree stakes, plant ties and fleeces.
  • Give the garden a good general tidy. I like tidying up the piles of flowerpots and looking for snails and spiders.
I love being outside and doing important gardening work

  • Put out bird feed and clean our bird bath (pretty fancy name for an old plant drip tray if you ask me!)  I'm also going make sure it is not frozen over.
  • Clear out the veg patch ready for the new crops which will be sown soon.
If I stand in this veg bed long enough will I grow taller too?

  • Look for the first snowdrops.

So there you have it, jobs for everyone. Wrap up warm and get some fresh air whilst organising your Mummy, Daddy and garden for Spring!

Big hugs,

Euan x

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