Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bramley Apple Week

Did you know that February 2nd until 8th is Bramley Apple week?
I thought I'd celebrate by sharing some Bramley facts and my Granny's recipe for apple pie (which is just about my Daddy's favourite thing to eat in the whole world, so I don't often get any!)

Can I please have a bit of apple pie that's this big?!

Did you know these facts about Bramley apples?

  • That tree was still alive and bearing fruit 200 years later- wow.  That is really, really, really old!

This is the first ever Bramley apple tree

  • Bramley apples have less sugar in them and more of something called malic acid.  That means you can still taste their strong tangy flavour even after cooking, yum! 
  • Bramleys have more water in them than other apples.  This means they have a very yummy soft texture when cooked, double yum!
  • Bramley apples (and all other apples) float in water as 1/4 of them is made up of air!
  • Apples are actually members the rose family. That's really weird as they look nothing like each other, do they?
  • Some Bramley apples grow to be more than 1kg in weight and measure 45cm round. That's almost the size of my head!

Look how huge this Bramley is!!

  • Bramleys can be used in all sorts of recipes from soups and curries to burgers and cakes.  And of course my favourite, apple pie.

If you fancy trying out a recipe this Bramley Apple Week, here is my Granny's secret Bramley pie recipe (just don't tell her I told you!) 

Granny Biscuits' Apple Pie

You'll need:
225g plain flour
110g butter
Pinch salt
3 tbsp water

4 Bramley apples

1 eating apple (Cox works well )
3 tbsp sugar
1 beaten egg

What to do:

Rub the flour and butter into breadcrumbs
Add the water and mix into a ball
Leave to rest in fridge for 30 min
Peel and core Bramley apples (leave eating apples for now and find a responsible adult to help with peeling and chopping)

Daddy cored this one- I'm just doing quality control!

Cut Bramley apples into chunks
Add sugar to Bramleys in a saucepan
Cook on medium/low heat for 5min until softened
Drain Bramleys through a sieve to prevent soggy pie bottom (hee hee, I said bottom!!)
Roll out to 0.5cm thickness

Roll out your pastry- it is just like edible play-doh!

Cut two circles big enough for your pie dish 
Use one circle to line your pie dish

Peel, core and cut the eating apples into 8ths (again get help with knifes)
Add cooked Bramley apples to pie dish and then top with the sliced eating apples

Brush beaten egg around the rim of the bottom pastry layer
Cover with second pastry circle 
Press the pastry layers together at edges
Use leftover pastry to make decorations for lid (my favourite are choo choo trains)
Brush beaten egg over the top of pie (this will make it all shiny and brown when it cooks)
Bake in oven at 200 deg C for 35-45 min

Allow to cool slightly and enjoy!

Ta-Dah, here is one I made earlier

Hope you enjoyed finding out about Bramley apples and that you make something with them this week.  I'd love to hear about what you cook.

Big hugs,

Euan x

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