Thursday, 12 February 2015

Magic Transformations

This week is Go Green Week.  But don't worry, you don't have to paint yourself green or anything!  It is an annual event where clever people try to raise awareness within schools, colleges and universities of our effects on climate change. 

You all know how my Mummy and Daddy and I love to up-cycle items in our garden.

My sandpit and our back gate are made from old pallets and our bird table and lots of our planters are items that would otherwise have gone into landfill.

So let's see what other fun and cool up-cycling projects us little-uns can get involved in to do our bit to stop climate change.... and find out what my silly BFF Euan is doing in this picture:
Peanut butter and toilet roll tube, mmmm, what can it be?

First of all here are quick reminders of easy-peasy projects I did last year:

Last Spring I helped Mummy turn an old wheel into a funky planter for some butterfly friendly flowers.  

Our old wheels were ideal garden planters

Here's the wheel once the pretty flowers had grown

I also up-cyled household items for Mother's and Father's day presents. 

Mummy loved her cheese box flower arrangement 

Daddy's funky tin can containers for house plants

But what about phantasmic new ideas? Here are some I'm super excited to try out this year:

If you've got an old picture frame, you could ask an adult to help fix it to a stake so that it can be stuck in ground in garden and make your flowers as pretty as a picture!

Paintings of sunflowers can cost millions and squillions, I think these are priceless

Mummy and Daddy say that old tyres are a terrible addition to landfill.  Maybe if you asked nicely your parents could cut them up and transform them into an amazing rocking chair? Cutting the tyre in half is the tricky bit- tell your parent to try a circular saw.

This rocking chair looks so much fun

A much simpler project is to make pretty flowers from old drink bottles:

These would make amazing Easter decorations

How funky are these animal heads?  Bet you never guessed they were made from old plastic bottles. I think you could use them in your garden or in your bedroom: 

No animals were harmed in making these displays!

Wouldn't it be fab to have your own wee place in the garden to hang out? When warmer weather comes along you can use an old shower curtain or sheet to create a really easy outside den.  The only other thing you really need is a hula hoop and somewhere to hang it:

I could pretend his was my own princess castle

Don't throw out your old toys.  When my BFF Euan grows out of his dumper truck I'm going to ask him if we can grow some pretty flowers in it.

You could create the World's most pretty traffic jam in your garden

A really simple and effective way for us kids learn to tell the time can be made from just a few pebbles and twigs. Or you could make it from straws and bottle lids.

It's a wee bit big for my wrist but it is still really cool

I love painting and spray paints look soooo grown up.  There's a really cool idea for a toddler friendly version in the link in the caption.

Daddy says that Banksy needs to look out!

If you can't wait to have a go at some up-cycling and enjoyed the Big Garden Birdwatch recently, here's a really simple crafty up-cycle you can try. A fab hanging bird feeder made from a toilet roll inner tube, some peanut butter and some birdseed.

First coat your toilet roll tube in peanut butter (Euan used one with no added sugar or salt)

Roll your tube in bird seeds

If you want you can tie some string through the tube 

Hang outside

That was so easy even a 2 year old could do it (Euan and I are both big 3 year olds now!)

Wow, that's a really long list of simple ways that us kids can get involved in up-cycling items to prevent them going into landfill this Go Green Week.

I'd love to hear if you have any other ideas.

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx

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