Monday, 27 July 2015

A Garden of Fairy Tales

I recently went on an amazing holiday with my BFF Euan to Northumberland. As well as having fun playing on the beach, I took Mummy & Daddy to Alnwick Gardens as I had heard that they had a fairytale treasure hunt for us kids to take part in. As an expert on gardens AND fairytales, I knew I I had better go help Beauty escape the Wicked Queen. Read on to find out more...

Don't worry Beauty, Princess Lulu
 is coming to the rescue!

Now, if you have ever heard about Alnwick Gardens you may know that it is famous for its Poison Garden. It was my job to stop the Wicked Queen from using this poison on Beauty but it wasn't going to be straight forward. There were a LOT of clues to solve and magic to be mustered if I was to have any chance of saving Beauty.

I had to stop on my way to saving Beauty
to have a sniff of this beautiful rose!

First of all we visited the Fairy Attic to meet the Prince,
discuss the problem and potential strategies and get
our clues (and costumes if you are not a real princess
like me!)

The Prince had this beautiful book in his attic

We found the first clue but how do you make the magic
seat work and who is Peter Pan's best friend?...

Next, we set off to discover a fairy door...

I wonder what happens if you blow a kiss to the Frog Prince?

I have found the glass slipper but will it fit?
Cinderlulu is my name after all...

This tree is almost as old as my Daddy. Will I find a clue
hidden up here somewhere?

I'm off to survey my kingdom!

It's not all glamour being a fairy princess you know?
We need to know how to drive diggers too!

Come on, the next clue is this way...

Yikes, the Poison Garden! Be careful, the
Wicked Queen will be around here somewhere!

This pretty meadow must have clues hidden in it...

Aha! All the kings men. But what couldn't they fix again?..

I think this poor fella needs some Arnica Cream :(

Stopping to admire some primulas on my quest

What a great place to have a treasure trail. It's gorgeous (a bit like me!)

Putting my magic powers to the test...

Shazam! Look what I managed to do!

I hope you can tell from my pictures what brilliant fun I had helping Beauty escape the evil grip of the Wicked Queen. Alnwick Gardens are one of the prettiest gardens in the country anyway and this new treasure trail makes it super fun for ALL the family. Some of the clues are quite tricky so make sure you brush up on your fairy tales before you go. But don't worry too much as there are some lovely resident fairy tale characters in the gardens to help out if you get a bit stuck about where to go next.  So if you are looking for a brilliant day out this summer make sure you head over to Alnwick Gardens. 

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx 

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