Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What Actually Is Frankincense and Myrrh??

Hey everyone, I am in the school nursery nativity this week! I'm a sheep and my friend Ben is a Wise Man! But have you ever wondered what Frankincense and Myrrh actually are? Well, we have the answer to that (and to be honest, I wouldn't have been impressed if I was baby Jesus!) as well as some more totes interesting facts on Christmas plants (like why we kiss under the mistletoe) right here...

The Three Wise Men

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Jack Frost Nipping At Your Rose!

Hey, it's the 1st of December! Did you all remember to open your advent calendars this morning? Me too, it's fun isn't it! December doesn't just mean advent calendars and Christmas wish lists though. The cold weather is upon us and we have to remember and look after our plants. Here are a few jobs to do over the next few days...

It's advent calendar time so watch out for frost too!