Wednesday, 25 May 2016


We all want the perfect lawn in our gardens. A lovely, flat, weed-free, green space for playing and lounging on. But it isn't very easy to achieve with all the weeds flying about and our wet weather and heavy soils. But, to help you get closer to that dream, I have collated my top tips for a lovely lawn this summer...

Lulu loves lounging on a lovely lawn! 

Scarify your lawn
You can add a moss killer to your lawn but you don't need to. Just use your muscles and a good garden rake to get the moss out of your lawn. I used my Twigz rake which was perfect for the job (£8.99) 

You need good muscles to rake up your moss

You can put the moss into your compost bin. My Twigz wheelbarrow is incredibly sturdy and perfect for this job (£49.99) 

Collect your moss and put it on your compost bin
Weed Your Lawn
Lawn weeds can be a real pain. You can buy weedkiller to put on the lawn or you can use old fashioned muscle and dig up the offenders! Regular weeding is key so they don't take over and leave no space for the grass to grow.

Tackle those weeds using a trowel and some muscles

Aerate your soil
If you have a heavy soil and a compacted lawn it makes it hard for the grass to grow well and thatch starts to build up. You can buy special tools to aerate your lawn or you can just use a garden fork to create the holes.

Tilda is an expert at aerating lawns!

Add a top dressing
You can add sand if you have clay soil or just a lawn improver to your lawn which will go into the holes you have made and improve the soil making the grass grow better. Use a brush like the Twigz garden broom (£8.99) to spread the lawn improver around. You can add some grass seed to bare areas while you do this and some fertiliser too to give your grass a wee helping hand. 

Brush your top dressing into the holes 

Cut your grass
It's always tempting to cut your grass very short to make it nice and neat but it's not good for your lawn. Raise the level of your lawnmower and just give it a gentle trim or it will look bare and weeds will thrive instead of the grass. Little and often is the secret. How cute is this Flying Bee Lawnmower from Bigjigs? I love using it on my lawn and Tilda loves the bee which flies off into the air. (£32.99)

Don't set your lawn mower too low when you cut your grass

If all that seems like a bit too much hard work and you would rather just lie back and enjoy your garden while others did the work for you then call us on 01786 834621 or email us to arrange a quote for us to do your lawn treatments and grass cutting for you!


Lulu xx 

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