Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Foody: Time to Plant

Back in February, we introduced you to the Foody, a revolutionary new way to allow you to plant a wide range of fruit and veg in the tiniest of spaces. In February it was only warm enough to build it and get used to how it worked and make plans for what we would plant in it one sunny day. Well, that sunny day has finally arrived so here is how the Foody looks planted up and what we think of it so far...

Our Foody, all planted up and looking great!
As we explained in our previous blog, the Foody is a vertical growing system which only needs a fraction of the water and space of traditional growing methods. You can choose different numbers of tiers depending on how tall you want to go. We are trialling the Foody 5, the daddy of the Foody world! So, what did we do?...

Well, we had already built the Foody when it arrived back in February so we were raring to go. We just needed to add our growing medium (compost, coir, whatever you prefer) and decide on what plants/seeds we were going to grow.

First you need to fill up your Foody with some compost

As we have the Foody 5, we had a whopping 39 spaces to fill! That's a lot of different types of fruit and veg. We have gone for a yummy selection of things which we love to eat including:

Bush tomatoes, courgettes, different types of salad leaves, spinach, rocket, radish, spring onions, strawberries and lots of different kinds of herbs. We have all of these things growing in traditional methods around the garden too so we can compare how well the Foody works to them. 

We needed lots of plants and seeds to fill our Foody!

It was great fun planting up the Foody as it's such an unusual way to garden. To be able to fit all of this fruit and veg into such a tiny corner of our garden is amazing and we think it would be a wonderful solution for those with little space or who want to try "grow your own" without giving up too much garden space. The whole Foody spins easily so you can turn it around and make sure all areas get good sunlight as well as making it easy to water.

The Foody looks really stylish and makes a real statement in the garden. It is also well made and looks like it will last well. 

Gently plant your fruit and veg into the different pods (or
you could plant flowers to make an amazing floral sculpture!)

As our garden is a little windy and as we have the super-tall Foody 5, Daddy has had to build a collar for the Foody so that it doesn't fall over in the wind. It would be good if the taller Foodies came with something to help stabilise them. Or if you live in a windy area then just choose one of the two shorter Foodies which will solve this issue.

We are also very interested to see if it means our courgettes can escape being ravaged by slugs and snails or if they will make the journey up high! 

Once planted, water your Foody. The clever reservoir
in the bottom holds the water so you use much less water.

We will keep you posted as the season goes on but we are certainly loving our Foody adventure so far. For more information on the Foody visit LIFE

Lulu x 

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