Monday, 20 June 2016

We're Going On A Bug Hunt

This week is National Insect Week so there is NO better time to get outdoors and go on a bug hunt. Not sure where to start? Well, read on to find out how to go bug hunting and some great kit to use...

A bug hotel, there's got to be LOTS of bugs living here!
What you need:

  • A clear container to pop your bugs into for a closer look
  • A net to catch some flying bugs
  • A spoon to help dig for bugs and a brush to gently get them into your jar
  • A magnifying glass
  • A notepad and pen to help keep note of what you have found
My lil sis Tilda loves to go bug hunting too!

Where should you go?:
Bugs can be found pretty much anywhere. Have a look in your own garden and you will find all sorts of things from butterflies to beetles, lacewings to ladybirds, slaters to snails. Head off to your local woods to see if you can find something different lurking deep inside. Or I LOVE to visit Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre which is great for bug hunting and pond dipping

A brush can help you gently get a bug into your jar to look at

What to do...
Well, remember to be quiet and gentle when you are bug hunting so you don't scare any bugs. Also, be careful where you are going so you don't get stung by any plants or bugs. Under stones and old logs are great hiding places, look under leaves of plants and in their flowerheads and have a dig in some soil.  

Look under old logs for bugs

Things to think about...
  • What colour is it?
  • What size is it? Is it as big as a coin?
  • How quickly does it move around?
A magnifying pot is perfect for a closer peak
  • What do you think it likes to eat?
  • Does it have wings?
  • What sort of creature is it? And what is its name? I like Leia the Ladybird. 
Nets are great for helping catch flying bugs like butterflies

Consider making a home for some of the bugs you find. Bug hotels are great fun to make with lots of materials you will probably have lying about the garden. 

You can do a lot of bug hunting using old spoons and containers from your kitchen (remember to ask your parents before you start digging in the soil with their best silverware!) 

Remember to takes notes and draw pictures of what you find

My favourite items to go bug hunting with are:

Magnifying Glass, £8.49, perfect for taking a closer look at all those bugs

Magnifying Pot, £3.99, A great way to keep bugs safe while you have a good look

Bug Net, £7.99, great for catching flying creatures like butterflies

Bug Box, £5.99, perfect for looking closely at those flying creatures 

Happy bug hunting everyone!

Hugs & kisses, 

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