Monday, 22 August 2016

Dinna Dinna Dinna Dinna Bat Night!

It's International Bat Night this weekend (27/28 August) so don your best super hero costumes and get outside and do some bat spotting. Here are why bats are important (including my own favourite reason for loving them!) and how you can help them...

What do bats need?
Bats use our gardens as an important source of food, water and shelter. As their natural habitats become more scarce, our gardens are playing a more important role in securing a future for bats.

Why are bats important?
Bats are a sign of a green and healthy environment, so creating a garden that's good for bats will also be good for people. Plus, and this is my FAVOURITE reasons for loving bats, bats like to eat midgies! So the more bats you attract the less midgies there will be to bite us! 

How can I attract bats to my garden?
  • Put up a bat box
  • Plant flowers which produce a scent at night
  • Build a pond
  • Have a wild corner of your garden
  • If you have a pet cat like me, keep them in the house at night

  • Plant hedgerows
  • Limit any garden lighting
  • Avoid using pesticides
  • Be tolerant of insects like caterpillars which bats like to eat
For more information on bats pop along to the Bat Conservation Trust's website.

Happy Bat Night!


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