Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Flower Power

I was recently sent a lovely flower pressing kit by my buddies at BigJigs to review. As an expert flower grower I had plenty of choice of pretty flowers to pick in the garden and see how they looked once they pressed. Read on to see what I thought of the flower press and what you can make from your pressed flowers...

A pressed cirsium looks like a funny moustache! 

The kit from BigJigs is made of a lovely wood with some pretty flowers and bugs painted on the front of it. It comes with some cardboard pieces inside to help you do your flower pressing, just add some parchment paper in between the cardboard and the flowers.

The BigJigs flower press kit

First you need to cut some flowers. You may need to ask a grown up to help you with bit, partly because they may not want you cutting off their prized roses but also because scissors and secateurs can be dangerous if you are not an expert like me!

Be careful with those snippy snips! 

Once you have chosen a selection of flowers, lay them out on your cardboard pieces ready to be pressed.

Lay your flowers out in your flower press

Next you need to tighten the screws really tightly and leave them to flatten - I left them overnight.

Tighten those screws really really tight!

The next morning I had some really pretty, really flat flowers to see! 

Opening the kit the next morning was really exciting!
I decided I would like to make them into a bookmark so I chose a piece of card and then glued my flowers on to them.

My squished flowers looked really pretty!
Other ideas include making cards, decorate the front of a notebook, make pretty gift tags or just make a lovely picture. 

I made a pretty bookmark with my pressed flowers

It was a lovely thing to do during the summer holidays and a great way to preserve your pretty flowers. You can of course just use a large, heavy book to do your flower pressing but the kit is really handy, can be used again and again and is not expensive. 

The flower pressing kit is available from BigJigs for £5.49.

Happy pressing!

Lulu x 

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