Monday, 7 November 2016

Super Spotter: Lulu's Lovely Leaves

Tilda and I went for a lovely autumnal walk through the woods this weekend and had loads of fun kicking the leaves and finding acorns and conkers. There were LOADS of different types of trees on our walk but sometimes it's hard to know which tree is which. So here is Super Spotter: Lulu's Lovely Leaves, so you can always know what trees you're spotting when you are out and about...

Tilda & I having an Autumn stroll

Oak trees are huge and they give us cute little acorns, perfect for crafts. Their leaves look like this:

Oak leaves

Beech trees turn beautiful colours and are popular trees and hedges. Their leaves are:

Beech leaf

Sycamore trees have cool little seeds which twizzle to the ground like helicopters. The sycamore is actually part of the acer family, hence it has maple like leaves:

Sycamore leaf

The birch tree rises majestic in the woods. We have a beautiful silver birch in our own garden. Here's their leaves:

Birch leaves

Rowan trees are covered in berries just now and have easy to spot serrated leaves:

Rowan leaves

The Ash has similar leaves to the Rowan but a bit pointier:

Ash leaves

Horse Chestnut trees are one of my favourites as they give us lovely conkers. Here are their leaves:

Horse chestnut leaf

Holly trees are pretty easy to identify, we are so used to seeing them on all things Christmassy. Their glossy, jaggy evergreen leaves look like this:

Holly leaf

Hazel leaves are a little wrinkly, just like my Daddy!:

Hazel leaf

Hawthorns are also great for berries but watch out for those nasty thorns:

Hawthorn leaf

The field maple is easily recognisable:

Maple leaf

Alder trees are often found beside rivers and in wet ground (they like muddy puddles just like me!):
Alder leaf

You can get lovely elderberries from the elder. Their leaves look like this:

Elder leaf

So, now you can go spot some of the most common trees we have in Scotland (and across the UK) and impress your family and friends with your new-found knowledge! 

Happy tree spotting peeps!

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